This simple calculator is meant to simplify interconversion between various modes of presentation of busulfan exposure.
In column number 2, Css ng/mL, you adjust the value until you see the value you are looking for in another column (hit the ‘Update’ button). For example if you would like to see which Css value corresponds to AUC 23.5 (mg*hrs)/L, you adjust the Css value up or down until you see the requested value (in this case 23.5) in the column AUC (mg*hrs)/L. You’ll find that this corresponds to Css 979 ng/mL. In the column far to the right you will also see that this exposure for 4 doses (4 days) will sum up to AUC 94.0 (mg*hrs)/L.
The three rows are there just so that one can more easily compare alternative sets of data, and the optional first column is meant for a fictional id to keep track of the comparisons -if needed.

Important: When a new value has been entered, be sure to hit the ‘Update’ button to recalculate
(auto recalculate does not work in all browsers).

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